Pillars of Health Series - 1 of 3

Pillars of Health Series - 1 of 3

April 30, 2021

The next three Time to Connect posts share a common theme that involves three important pillars of health for us as humans: nutrition, mental stimulation, & physical activity

Checking in on these basic principles from time to time ensures that we are treating our bodies and minds well, and therefore, able to get the most from ourselves.

This week, we have a question related to the first pillar:

What could you do in the coming week in terms of nutrition that is good for your health?

Tip: Keep it simple and get specific. Some examples include: eating one more serving of vegetables every day or having fruit vs a sugary dessert next week. Remember, we’re trying to create long-term habits - small changes are more likely to stick!

Go for it.

Used with permission from Team Vertellis|www.vertellis.com