Circling Back on Gratitude!

Circling Back on Gratitude!

April 23, 2021

We believe that gratitude is one of the keys to being happy. So, this week we’re circling back! Let’s talk gratefulness!

When you ask yourself what you’re grateful for, your brain automatically shifts focus to the positive things in life. The more you do this, the easier it becomes! Way better than focusing on negativity, right?

What are three things from this last week that you’re grateful for?

It’s wonderful to ask yourself this question every now and then (or every day, if you ask us!). Although big things like family, friends, and good health are all worth being grateful for, remember to show some love for the small things in life: that nice cup of coffee in the morning, the sun shining in a window, some good advice you got from a friend...

What are your three things? We’d love to know! Email us at!