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Are you tired of searching online for solutions to your financial problems?

Want to make progress and find purpose with your money?

It's about time an advisor worked for you instead of a sales company.

Unlike other advisors that try to sell something to anyone and everyone, we’re selective of who we work with. We aim to be everything for a limited few, and we may or may not be a good fit for one another. Here is the unique process we work through with all potential clients of TruMix Advisors

Our Process

STEP 1: Want to learn more? Leveraging technology, we’ve handcrafted a special process to share a little about what makes us...well, us! Input your information below to gain exclusive access to a few short videos that will answer many questions you may have and give you a feel for our philosophy.

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STEP 2: After watching the few brief videos, you'll get access to schedule your one-of-a-kind Discovery Meeting so we can get to know one another. 

STEP 3: Any potential client must pass the three tests:

1. Can TruMix add value by working with you?

2. Are your goals realistic and reasonable?

3. Are our personalities a good fit?

STEP 4: You'll receive a customized proposal with our easy to read TruMix Transparent Fee™. 

STEP 5: Don't you hate pushy sales calls? We do too. That's why we give you time to think about our proposal without the hard sell. 

STEP 6: Once you decide to move forward, we begin our journey together. 

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Step 1 starts below once you input your information. Oh, and don't worry. If you don't have time right now, you'll also get an e-mail sent to you with a link so you can come back when it's convenient for you.