Top 10 Advisors To Watch

Top 10 Advisors To Watch

May 01, 2021

GTS Financial is excited to announce that one of our founders was featured in a national publication!  

FA Magazine, a prominent financial planning industry publication, has selected Grant Meyer as one of their top 10 "Young Advisors To Watch"! The article highlights our:

  • GTS Transparent Fee
  • Investment philosophy
  • Work with widows

Only 10 advisors are selected once a year, nationwide. 

Here is an excerpt from the article:   

"One of the reasons Grant Meyer started his own firm early this year was that he had begun to hate traditional fee models. “Nobody actually understands what they pay for financial advice, especially if they’re on an AUM model,” he says.

One of the clients at his old firm asked how much they paid. “I walked them through how they actually calculate an AUM, where it’s an average daily balance and a daily fee, and every month the fee is different because the account balances change. As the account grows in time, they pay more, but they’re not getting more.” One client’s understanding was so out of whack that he thought he was paying $3,000 a year when it was actually $14,000 (he was confused by a 1099 deduction that didn’t tell the whole story, says Meyer).

Meyer’s new firm, GTS Financial, uses a flat annual fee in dollars, never in percentages.

It’s divided by 12 and there’s a fixed monthly fee. When clients ask what they pay, he can give them a quick dollar amount.

He also wanted to align investments with client values by integrating socially responsible investing in all the firm’s portfolios. “Rather than us just picking a portfolio based upon your age and your goals … I also want to know what you care about. Do you care about gender equality? Do you care about renewable energy—the environment? Do you care about consumer firearms and not having them in your portfolio?”

He’s also carved out a niche working with widows after one of his clients passed away, leaving his wife adrift financially. Meyer started volunteering with a nonprofit called Wings for Widows that offers coaching for those who have lost spouses."

The link to the full article: FA Magazine Top Young Advisors To Watch