Guided Gratitude Practice- What is it?

Guided Gratitude Practice- What is it?

August 24, 2021

In the practice of gratitude, sometimes you may be stuck on what to record. Or, you may feel you’ve said the same thing so many times, is it worth writing down again? In those moments don’t put down your pen, rather using a resource for guided practice is helpful.  Give it a try! 

Gratitude Guided Practice: What's your favorite moment of the day? 

Maybe you’re smiling now, letting out a deep sigh (of relief) or closing your eyes to get back to that moment. If you’re not quite sure what that moment is then try this: close your eyes and imagine what your favorite moment looks like: Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing? What do you see? What do you smell? What do you hear? 

Hold this image for at least 30 seconds. Found your favorite moment? Awesome!  Take some time and record that moment in your journal as it is indeed something to be grateful for!   

Used with permission from our friends at Vertellis 


The GTS 7-Day Gratitude Challenge 

Gratitude is one of our core values at GTS Financial.  We take time to cultivate an attitude of gratitude in our personal lives, in our company culture and with our clients.  One way we do this is to challenge you to record interactions, activities, or moments of gratitude 7 days in a row and note any changes you see in yourself.  This little habit can literally change the way you look at the world! Email us at with a message about your experience. 

One of our clients recently sent us this inspirational message:  

After seven days of journaling, I am feeling very blessed. Even though I am in my senior years and live in an assisted living facility, I still have a purpose in life. My purpose changes daily related to the activities I am involved in and the interaction with residents.”