Can You Trust Your Eyes? How to Spot AI Images

Can You Trust Your Eyes? How to Spot AI Images

February 08, 2024

As the 2024 campaign season begins, AI image generators have become powerful tools, able to generate photorealistic images. As comprehensive AI regulation lags behind, more fake images are appearing in political ads. And although they seem like a whole new threat, they are actually just the latest in a long history of manipulated visual evidence.  To help you determine the legitimacy of an image, you can do the following things:

  • Double-check sources
  • Ensure links lead to legitimate websites
  • Make sure images are being shared by multiple, reputable outlets
  • Complete a reverse-image search

See if you can spot the difference between real and AI images:


Although fake news and deepfakes are a real concern, it's important not to fall victim to the slippery slope of assuming everything you see is fake. Do your homework, examine your own biases, and use these tools to make sure you don't believe something that's not there.