Tyler J. Engbrecht, CFP®

Proud Father | Conversationalist | Thoughtful Problem Solver

Tyler J. Engbrecht, CFP®

Founder | Financial Planner

A Little About Me

Favorite ShowOne way I like to unwind is to watch something funny on TV. There are very few shows more consistently funny than The Office.

Free TimeWhat free time?!? As a parent of two young boys, life sure is busy. Spending time with my family is important, including hiking, swimming, and catching snakes with my boys.

Full House: Our family also includes our loveable dog, Oskar. We’ve been known to have other creatures in the house as well. One summer, we had two pet salamanders, Emil and Herbert. My son named the two salamanders after my grandfathers.

Numbers NerdI like spreadsheets so much I once built one to track the number of trick-or-treaters that came by our house and was given an “I Love Spreadsheets” mug for my birthday.

Philanthropy: A few charities close to my heart are Big Brothers Big Sisters, Common Hope, and Children’s Legacy Advisors. Mentoring and helping shape the futures of children in need is important to me so I can leave the next generation with a bright future.

Did you see that?: My first brush with entrepreneurism was mowing the grass at a couple of cemeteries – also my first brush with the paranormal.

Favorite Quote:

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible" – Dalai Lama

More About Me

Back in 2006, I stumbled upon this career, yet quickly discovered it was the path I was meant to take. The blend of helping people mixed with numbers made for a perfect fit.

After over 17 years on this journey, I’ve discovered one of my favorite aspects is hearing people’s stories. Everyone has their own unique background and I find it interesting to learn how those backgrounds shaped who they have become.

My relationships with my clients can be described in two words - collaborative and caring. I care about your success and have found success is best achieved when we work together toward your goals.

I truly enjoy the feeling I get when I’ve helped you develop clarity around a decision you are struggling with.

While my career is fulfilling and important, it comes second to my family. I’m incredibly proud of the life my wife, Melissa, and I have built with our two sons, Carter and Logan. Much of my energy outside of work is invested with family and friends. And the return on that investment has been immense.