Tyler J. Engbrecht

Tyler J. Engbrecht

Founder | Financial Advisor

proud father: I have two energetic sons, Carter and Logan who love all types of critters. We also have a fur-baby named Stuart.

free-time: What free time?!? As a parent of two young children, free time is not really part of my vocabulary at the moment. The time I do get is spent with family and friends because I believe that relationships are the most important thing in life and I spend the time I have nurturing them.

favorite hobbies: 

Running, golfing, reading, and hiking with my family.

charitable organizations:

Big Brothers, Big Sisters 

I believe that the future of our society is shaped by our children and my hope is to be a positive influence in a child’s life. It’s been an honor to be part of my “Little Brother’s” life for the past 7 years.

financial planning philanthropy: 

I work with Children’s Legacy Advisors which aims to elevate philanthropy by creating

a new community of civic-minded advisors who recognize and encourage charitable planning

strategies as a way to serve clients and ultimately the community.


I am motivated by being of service to others. I thrive on others' success and get excited when I’m able to help you make a confident decision in your life.

I love to hear people’s stories. Everyone has their own unique background and I find it very interesting to learn how those backgrounds shaped who they’ve become. I describe my relationships with my clients in two words - collaborative and caring. I care about your success and that success is best achieved when we work together toward your goals. My favorite thing about my job is the feeling I get when I’ve helped you develop clarity around a decision you are struggling with.