How Stacey Got Her Teenage Son to Clean His Room

How Stacey Got Her Teenage Son to Clean His Room

May 18, 2023

Make Your Bed, by Admiral William H. McRaven, is one of the most popular motivational books on the market. In this short book, McRaven outlines 10 lessons he learned while training as a Navy Seal that applies to everyday life. He also has an outstanding speech on the subject. 

Stacey Stelter, one of our founders, credits this speech and book with transforming her teenage son. She said,

“When he was in high school, we noticed our oldest son started to make his bed and tidy his room every day before school.  After several days of this behavior we asked him what prompted this newfound routine. He had us watch the speech by Admiral McRaven and said, “This!”  He is now a junior in college and hasn’t wavered in his morning routine. He has inspired his younger brother to jump onboard too (most days 😉).”

If the concepts spoken about by Admiral McRaven can get a teenage boy to make his bed, just imagine the possible impact it could have in your life! Click below to watch.