Five Ways to "Feed" Your Muscles

Five Ways to "Feed" Your Muscles

February 19, 2024

One of the best ways to support optimal muscle mass and bone density is to focus on building and maintaining lean muscle tissue through daily habits. But it's not easy to get muscle gains from scratch. Here are five beginner-friendly ways to "feed" your muscles every day for a stronger body and longer life:

1. Strength Training

All exercise is likely beneficial, but strength training has benefits like blood sugar balance, bone health, immunity function, better balance, and more. 

2. Protein Powder

Your body needs protein to build and maintain muscle, and you may need more than you think. Protein powder can help you hit your protein goals, just make sure to reach for one that has quality ingredients and is easily digestible. You could also consider adding an amino acid powder to get most of the benefits of protein powder without having it make such a big dent in your calorie intake.

3. Sleep

Don't neglect sleep in your quest to build and maintain muscle. In a recent clinical study published in BMC Public Health, negative changes in sleep quality and duration decreased muscle mass while increasing fat mass, proving sleep to be a key player in overall muscle health. Sleep will also give you the reset you need to tackle your strength training the next day.

4. Stretch

Stretching relieves soreness and can widen your range of motion, which may help prevent injury that could derail your muscle-building efforts.

5. Take Rest Days

Don't overcommit and go so hard that you risk injury and setback. Simply add strength training to your schedule 3-4 days per week and move in other ways on your days off.