Approach the Day: Positive & Self-Aware

Approach the Day: Positive & Self-Aware

April 09, 2021

We are fans of approaching each day with both positivity and self-awareness. We think it’s important to end each day by asking ourselves, “How did I act today and did I give this day my all?”

Winston Churchill wondered everyday whether he was only carried away by “the current of the day,” or whether he was able to make a real difference and use his day as a leader, family man, and individual.

In that spirit, the Time to Connect question today is this:

What do you want to get out of the day as a professional, parent, partner, etc.?

We recommend asking this question every morning and then checking in with yourself at night. Did you succeed? If not, what could you do better tomorrow?

Inspired by and used with permission by Vertellis.